Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm trying to figure out where to go with this blog. I like keeping it, but I'm never sure what to post. If I had a gift for free-wheeling excellence in thought like Fresca and Margaret, I'd be home free! But somehow my thoughts never seem very free-wheeling when typed out. Alas! I am ploddingly linear, it seems.

But I do have an iPhone, which means I have the ability to take pictures on the fly. Also, I live in Japan, which does give some good opportunities for imagery (especially of amusing English used in advertising). So I'm going to try to post some photos of daily life here and there.

This one, however, has nothing to do with Japan--but everything to do with awesomeness:

Dolls purchased from and now adorning my bookcase! The eyebrows...the eyebrows...

"free-wheeling excellence in thought"

Ha! I LOVE that!
I am going to frame those words and put them no the wall. 'Cause believe me, it doesn't FEEL like that's what I have...

I love your brain, Jen, and anything you put together is excellent!

*counts pennies toward purchase of plush Trek toys*
The fact that you pulled the phrase
"free-wheeling excellence in thought"
out of your pocket disproves your assertion that you lack it. So THERE!

The dolls look like....well, to use an expression of the day: THUGS. Yakuza.

And Japan! Such a strange little land, yes? Am looking forward to more pictures along that line.
I definitely think there should be, like, a Web award for "freewheeling excellence of thought." :) I just love the way both of you spin words and thoughts together and then let them branch out, like fractals. It's always a fun ride!

Japan should be a great starting point for flights of fancy, but at the very least there will be pictures. :)
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