Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foot Pee!

I just bet it's a surprise...

In a related story, I saw a baby with a bib that had "Hi!!" on it. Because of the font and the el-to-exclamation-point issue, it looked remarkably like "Kill" The image of a baby with an adorable little "Kill" bib on kept making me giggle...


Foot pee... Ugh. Even worse than toe jam.

You could post this stuff endlessly and I would never tire of it!
I love the foot pee! label so very much! I stopped and cracked up in the store and had to pull out my camera. Luckily for me with my camera in my phone I can plausibly pretend to be checking my mail...
That reminds me of the candy called "Collon", and one edition:
"Collon Cream".

I love the kill baby.
(And it's still a pretty cool bib even if it does say "Hi!!")

I gave up being inconspicuous about it after a while and starting stopping people in the store to take pictures of their wacky shirts. (It's somehow funnier when a live body is modeling Janglish gibber.)

*O hai Nostalgia*
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