Saturday, July 17, 2010

All Times You'll Feel Pleasant

This notebook is pretty confident of its ability to impress:

It's a very assertive Note Book! Sadly, even though I've bought and used it regularly, not all times feel pleasant with it, especially when taking notes in meetings. But the English helps a bit, I must admit.


But if you leave it behind, you feel unpleasant. Only toe pee can rescue you from the lame mirror, because it is yours forever side by side.
Or something.
I wonder why "pleasant" and "unpleasant" strike us as oddly not quite right? Maybe because they're rather tepid words in English compared with the usual advertising razzle-dazzle?

You clearly are working on a Unified Field Theory of Janglish! All will become clear if we can just arrange it right...
Oh I love. It is me happy to see the true Note Book.
Janglish if you can to continue.


Yeah, pleasant and its un somehow come across as prissy understatement.
I like them, though.

especially "I am unpleasant."
I went to a t-shirt store last weekend and came away with a plethora of pictures that will keep me chortling through the long, hot summer months. :)

"Pleasant" is an unassuming word--thus its lack of appearance in Western commercials, which are all about BIGGEST and BOLDEST!!!11!
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